Dive into the Magic of a Mermaid-Themed Party with These 10 Partytime Products

If you're looking for a magical and enchanting theme for your next party, a mermaid-themed party is the perfect choice. With the help of Partytime's Mermaid collection, you can create an undersea world that will transport your guests to Ariel's world. Here are 8 Partytime products that will help you plan the perfect mermaid-themed party.

Mermaid Magic Iridescent Balloon Arch Kit: This balloon arch kit is perfect for creating an undersea world. The iridescent balloons will shimmer and shine, creating a magical atmosphere.

Colourful Mermaid Foil Balloon 30Inches: This mermaid foil balloon adds a pop of color to your party. It features a colourful mermaid tail and is sure to be a hit with your guests.

Mermaid Magic Iridescent Shell Shaped Treat Stand: This treat stand is shaped like a seashell and is perfect for displaying cupcakes and other treats. It adds a fun and whimsical touch to your party.

Mermaid Magic Iridescent Happy Birthday: This banner is customizable and features the message "Happy Birthday" in iridescent letters. You can add the age of the birthday person and make it extra special.

Shimmer Mermaids Dessert Paper Plates Pack of 8: These dessert plates feature a beautiful mermaid design and are perfect for serving cake and other desserts. They add a touch of elegance to your party.

Mermaids & Sea Shell Cake Toppers Pack of 4: These cake toppers feature mermaids and seashells and are perfect for adding a decorative touch to your cake. They are easy to use and add a fun touch to your party.


Mermaid/Shell Pull Pinatas: These mermaid themed pull pinatas are so beautiful and perfect for adding some excitement to your party. Fill them with candy and small toys and let your guests take turns pulling the strings to release the goodies.

Sea Shell Lip Gloss: This sea shell lip gloss is a fun and practical party favor. It comes in a cute sea shell container and is sure to be a hit with your guests.



We Heart Mermaid Mini Clip-On Hat: These mini clip-on hats are perfect for adding a fun touch to your guests' outfits. They feature a mermaid design and are easy to attach to hair or clothing.


A mermaid-themed party is a magical and enchanting way to celebrate any occasion. With these 8 Partytime products, you can create an undersea world that will transport your guests to Ariel's world. Remember to incorporate iridescent accents, seashell shapes, and mermaid designs into your decorations and party favors. Happy party planning!