Holiday Gatherings: A Guide to Excellence & Sanity in Hong Kong

We've all been there. Your heart starts to beat fast at the mere thought of the phrase 'holiday gathering'. Planning one surely can feel like navigating a labyrinth with its picking a date, inviting people, not to mention figuring out where everyone should sit. Don't panic, just sit back and breathe. Here's your ultimate checklist to plan your holiday gathering without burning out.

1. The Mighty Party Prep
The first step is always preparing your list. A well-organized checklist would save you from last-minute stress. Now, before you roll your eyes, remember how you forgot the napkins last year? Yeah, we've been there too.

2. Decoration Delight
Don't worry, Partytime should be your first pitstop for quality, festive decor. We have options for every theme under the sun and can turn your home into the holiday haven it deserves to be. Trust us, your friends and Instagram feed will thank you.
From balloons, banners, hanging decorations and even themed confetti. Partytime is your one stop destination for all your gatherings and parties. 

3. Unleash the Feast
Remember, you're not opening a restaurant. Don't let the menu scare you off. The secret trick? Potluck! Let your friends show off their culinary skills. Your job? Making sure the oven is working and plenty of wine is available. 

4. Game On
Without games, a gathering is just a fancy ‘sit down and chat’. Let's make it memorable, shall we? Head over to Partytime again for themed games. If it's a Christmas gathering, how about a Gift Swap game (remember to warn your guests before)? Or, for a Thanksgiving dinner, what about a game of Prosseco Pong, Sumo Squats or Christmas Trivia?
Discover our family games and adult games.

5. Project: Place Cards
Seating arrangements can be tricky, like solving a Rubik's cube - only with people. But they set the tone for the evening. Our creative place cards can help everybody find their seats easily while personalized notes can add a touch of warmth for adults. 
Find our place cards here. 

6. The Aftermath
The dishes have piled up, leftovers are hogging the fridge, and your legs sore from all the running around. Pre-plan how you would tackle the aftermath. Partytime's paper tablewate can cut down on dishwashing, just pick from colors to themes to match your party's vibe. 
Find our tableware here

Remember, the heart of a holiday gathering is about being together, not perfection. So, relax, laugh off the hiccups, and soak in the festive spirit. After all, holiday gatherings are about creating memories, not mere events.

Happy planning!