How to plan the perfect Pinata kids party in Hong Kong

Boy Hitting Pinata from Partytime Hong Kong

Parents, we all know how kids grow up too fast. This is why we try to make each year count by planning an extra special and memorable birthday party children will be able to look back on for the years to come.

Piñata parties are amazing fun for young children and adults alike. With a bat in hand, beating on a paper mache donkey, and exploding candies everywhere – what’s not to love about this wholesome fun party activity! Not sure where to begin preparing a piñata? Don’t fret! Partytime has put together a step-by-step how-to guide to help you plan the perfect Piñata party for kids. Let’s start with the basics…

Where to buy a piñata in Hong Kong?
A Piñata is a great party game for young children, teenagers and adults alike. It’s the perfect party game to get everyone of all ages involved in the fun. Piñatas come in different shapes and sizes. Partytime stocks a selection of fun, handmade piñatas in store, such as the classic Donkey Pinata and the fun, vibrant Sun Pinata. Both are available for delivery as well. 

Partytime - Sun Pinata with teassels

How to set up a piñata at home?

To set up your piñata, you will need a sturdy rope and a safe spot to hang the piñata. Remember that the piñata will be weighed down with candies, so make sure you have a comfortable space for kids to move around.

A few good options to hang a piñata is on a ceiling beam, of if you are hosting your piñata birthday party outdoors, a tree would be a great option. If your venue is lacking space, you can always hold the piñata up with a broom stick – there’s no stopping a piñata party!

Filling the piñata

There are no hard set rules on what to fill the piñata with but traditionally piñatas are filled with candies. Partytime’s piñatas come in various sizes and shapes and can hold up to 2lbs of candies and favors. Their bags of pinata candies and assorted candy mix are the perfect filling for any piñata party.

Sun Pinata with Sweets from Partytime Hong Kong

How to play a piñata game

After you’ve filled the piñata and hung it somewhere sturdy and safe, it’s time for the real fun to begin. To play the piñata game, you will need a blind fold and stick and/or a bat. You want the bat to be hard enough to crack the piñata open but also light enough for young kids to play safely. 

Step 1: Line the children up. Preferably from youngest to oldest to give everyone a turn at hitting the piñata. Older kids tend to be stronger and have a higher chance at breaking the piñata faster. 

Step 2: Place the blindfold on the first child. Remember to keep the children at a safe distance from the child hitting the piñata to avoid getting hit by the bat.

Step 3: Traditionally the child who will be hitting the piñata is spun around 3 times before taking his / her / their shot. Each child gets three hits before passing the bat to the next child in line. 

Step 4: Once the piñata has finally been cracked open, and candies spill to the ground, before the children rush to grab the candies, count to 10 to give everyone, including the child wearing the blindfold to get a fair and safe start at gathering the candies.

Step 5: Enjoy the sweet goodies! Don’t forget to send your guests home with a goodie bag and fill them with candies. This way every child gets to go home with a bag full of candy even if they weren’t able to collect many from the game. Check out Partytime’s various themed party bags for your next party. 

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