How To: Throw a Pink-tastic Barbie Inspired Bash

Are you ready to channel your inner Barbie and throw the most fabulous, pink-tastic party ever? Well, don't worry, because Partytime has got your back! We've handpicked 10 ridiculously amazing products that will make your party a princess paradise. So, buckle up, hold on to your tiaras or Ken-dolls, and let's dive headfirst into a world of sparkle, glamour, and a whole lot of pink!


Happy Birthday Neon Pink Letter Candle:

Because blowing out candles should always be an event, even if you feel too old to admit it. This neon pink letter candle will have you feeling like a kid again, while adding some serious Barbie-esque flair to your cake. Who said adulthood had to be boring, right?


Pink Flamingo Lights:

Picture this: a flock of elegant pink flamingo, illuminating your party like a tropical paradise. These little beauties will make your guests feel like they just stepped into Barbie Malibu's home.


It's My Birthday Headband:

When it comes to parties, we all secretly want to be the center of attention. This cute headband will have your celebrated person feel like they've finally achieved their childhood dreams of becoming a real-life superstar. Cue the hair flips!


Pink Flamingo Foil Balloon 46 Inches:

Think big and think pink, my friend. No, really, think BIG. Like this giant pink flamingo foil balloon big! This beauty will be the centrepiece of your party, towering over your guests like a majestic queen. It's the ultimate conversation starter and selfie backdrop—a pink inflatable friend that won't disappoint!

Hot Pink Heart Foil Balloon 18 Inches:

Hearts are cool and all, but they're even cooler when they're hot pink and parading around at your party. Hang them from the ceiling or create a fantastic heart balloon arch that'll make even Barbie jealous. It's like stepping into a disco ball wonderland—the shimmer, the shine, the inflated magic! 


Rose Pink Star Foil Balloon 19 Inches:

You know what's better than one star balloon? A whole bunch of metallic pink star balloons, of course! It's like having your very own Barbie constellation guiding the way to a night of unforgettable festivities.


Happy Birthday Rose Letter Banner:

Welcome your guests with a touch of elegance and class, just like Barbie herself. This rose letter banner sets the tone for a party fit for royalty. Plus, I heard roses are the official flower of the Barbie kingdom. (Okay, I made that up, but it sounds legit, doesn't it?)


Red and Pink Tinsel Fringe Garland:

Who needs mundane walls when you can have pink tinsel fringe garlands instead? Deck out your party space with this glamorously sparkly decoration. It's like wrapping your entire place in a pink disco ball, creating a magical atmosphere that screams, "Let's get this Barbie party started!"


Rose Gold Glitter Table Runner:

No party is complete without a touch of glitter, and this rose gold glitter table runner brings it in spades. It's like a sparkling pink carpet, leading your guests to a table filled with delicious treats and memories waiting to be made. Just remember to warn them: "Look out for glitter explosions!"


Scalloped Dessert Plates:

Last but certainly not least, we have the humble yet essential party plate. But let's make it extra special with these new pink dinner paper plates! Not only are they practical and sturdy, but they also add a pop of color to your Barbie-inspired table setting. Because who says you can't have a sophisticated dinner party with plastic plates?


Congratulations, barbie pals, you're now fully equipped to throw a Pink-tastic Barbie Bash that'll go down in history! Thanks to Partytime's pink balloons, napkins plates and other supplies, your party will be overflowing with pink, glitter and flamingos. So, grab your favorite pink outfit, gather your crew, and prepare to party like the princesses and princes that you truly are. Let your inner Barbie shine bright (brighter than Ken), and remember, life should always be lived in full technicolor.