Plan the Ultimate Soirée: Cocktail Party Planning 101


Welcome, party enthusiasts! In this post, we will guide you through creating an unforgettable cocktail party that will enchant your guests from entrance to exit, with some of Partytime's incredible products adding sparkle along the way.

Step 1: Pick Your Decor
Theme your party with class and elegance by selecting the right decor. A Metallic Rose Gold Fabric Table Cover is a beautiful base that brings a warm, glamorous touch to your event. Accentuate your setup with a versatile Faux Slate Rectangular Tray, perfect for displaying cocktail ingredients, canapés, or our chic Black & White Color Block Beverage Napkins.


Step 2: Choose Your Glassware
Individualize your event with unique glassware. Our stunning Champagne Flutes (Pack of 8) and Gold Stem Wine Glasses (Pack of 6) double as both functional drink holders and stylish decor pieces. For shots or mini cocktails, our Assorted Colors Shot Glasses (Pack of 20) will add a pop of color to your party.


Step 3: Furnish Your Bar
Your bar needs to be fully stocked. Not with just varieties of spirits, but also with must-have bar accessories. The Clear Ice Bucket is an elegant solution for keeping your drinks chilled. Embellish and differentiate your drinks with Long Cocktail Umbrellas  and Gold & White Stripe Straws.

Step 4: Serve in Style
Make sure food and appetizer presentation matches your elegant cocktail offerings. The Boho India Silver Metal Plate or our Grazing Boards will give your hors d'oeuvres the aesthetic they deserve.


Step 5: Planning & Preparing
Make sure you have a diverse selection of drinks to cater to all preferences, and don't forget non-alcoholic options for those not drinking. Prep your snacks in advance to reduce stress on the day.
Don't forget to add a personalised touch with different shapes and flavours of ice cubes with Drinks Plinks.

Remember, a memorable cocktail party isn't just about the cocktails, it's the ambiance, the decor, the service, and most importantly, the company. Visit us at Partytime to browse our full range of cocktail party essentials to ensure your party is the toast of the town.

Cheers to an incredible soirée!