5 tips for decorating a stylish outdoor party



Planning a party? Why not move your next social soiree outdoors. With warm days ahead, the sunshine and long weekends will make for the perfect excuse to gather friends and family for an alfresco afternoon brunch, fun and games at the beach, a rooftop barbecue or even a junk trip into the open sea. With gorgeous open spaces, natural scenery, sunshine and fresh air, what’s not to love about an outdoor party?

No matter the occasion, hosting a party outdoors takes a load of planning and cleaning up off your plate so you can put your full attention and focus on sprucing up your big bash with a stylish and creative flare that will make your outdoor party one to remember. Here are five tips for preparing for a stylish outdoor party. 

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1. Choose a theme
Whether it’s a birthday or engagement party, a babyshower or gender-reveal, having a theme for your party not only makes the planning process easier, but it also sets the mood for the occasion, makes it more visually appealing and sets your special gathering apart from the rest. It’s also a fun way to let guests be more engaged. 

2. When in doubt, stick to classic colour schemes

What exactly is the best colour theme for an outdoor party? With so many colours to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the best hues to match your theme.

Partytime Tip: When in doubt, stick to the classic. A gold, silver and black colour palette gives a glamorous, Gatsby-ambiance; while neutral shades and natural-colours offer a more bohemian aesthetic or rustic country vibe, which never fails at an outdoor venue. 

Mix, match and play with different colour combinations of linens, tableware and other decorative utensils to find the perfect blend of colours for your theme. For a wide selection of stylishly designed paper plates, cups, linens and table covers, check out Partytime’s website.  

Partytime - Hong Kong Outdoor Party Essentials

3. Be smart with your materials 

Making sure you have the right utensils and tableware for an outdoor party is essential. If you’re not too enthused by plain, standard disposable tableware and utensils, there is fortunately a slew of stylish, as well as eco-friendly options to choose from. Plastic wine glasses from Partytime, for example, add colour and a little more class. 

Another handy accessory are grazing boards. Perfect for serving food, foldable grazing boards from Partytime can be compact and lightweight, making it easier to pack along with you. These party essentials are durable, lightweight and can be re-used multiple times for future parties.

4. Focus on details

Decorating an outdoor party can be tricky but it offers more flexibility for creativity than an enclosed space would provide. To pull off a gorgeous spread on the dining table, arrange the right accessories, tableware and placeholders to elevate the presentation and create an attractive focal point. 

Decorative items such as gold-coloured utensils and gold-rimmed plastic cups, candles, pitchers, as well as hammered bowls and platters for placing fruits as the centerpiece of your spread help give the table a pop of colour and a more balanced and eye-catching aesthetic. 

5. Get creative with your place settings

To add a personal touch to the presentation of the tableware and seating arrangement, hand-written name cards, tied around vibrant napkins on decorative plates is a nice, DIY addition. Guests are sure to be impressed and appreciate the effort of personalising their name cards. 

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