Your ultimate guide to cake decoration

By Joanne Yau 

No matter how incredibly delicious your cake is, if it doesn’t look appetizing, then chances are that no one wants to eat it. Decoration is what makes or breaks a cake, so here we bring you 5 simple ways to decorate cakes to create real works of art.

All Things Chocolate! 

Calling all chocolate fans out there! The to-go cake decoration is definitely chocolate, who doesn’t like chocolate I mean? It is also the ideal decoration for those who love to create something spectacular in a short time but without much difficulty.

party time hong hong part store decorations

Simply melt some chocolate over some hot water or in the microwave, then insert the melted chocolate into the pastry bag and create the designs or writings! If you’re lazy like me, just drizzle it over the cake and put some other toppings. It’s equally as tasty! 

You can always go the extra mile with these chocolate truffles or chocolate pretzels on top! There’s nothing as too much chocolate if you’re truly a chocolate fan!

Toppers for the Busy Bakers 

No time for cake decoration? Go for toppers instead! It’s just as cute and takes literally no time to prepare!

Partytime has a wide variety of toppers available, from wedding cakes to birthday cakes to cakes for baby showers, we’ve got you covered! These are great for both cupcakes and bigger-sized ones. Just stop by any of their 5 retail shops or order online!

Alternatively, you could always DIY them for cheap! All you need are just wooden sticks, a few pieces of colourful scrap paper, and some sharpies!


Many cake decoration methods are fussy and require much skill, but that isn't the case with fruit-topped cakes. All you need to do is wash up the fruits and cut them up, and voila!

party time hong hong part store decorations

You could go for the elegant apple roses or the simple strawberry cake that’s perfect for a summer picnic Instagram shot!

Pro tip: soak quick-browning fruits like apples and pears in salt water before putting them on your cakes. 

Edible Flowers

Ranking #No.1 on the Instagram-worthy cake decoration is going to be edible flowers! Pretty, colourful, and with a whole dimension of floral flavor, edible flowers are nothing of the ordinary.

party time hong hong part store decorations

Plus, decorating a cake with edible flowers is as easy as deciding where to put them and pressing them in place. From pansies to lilacs to roses, you can go creative with edible flowers as well! What’s your favourite flower? 

Buttercream Frosting 

Last but not the least, the classic buttercream frosting! Yes, buttercream can be a bit trickier than the other types of decoration, but the creativity is endless!

Check out this video covering everything you need to know about piping. How to pipe, what tips create which patterns and all the possibilities too!